CARE for Everyone


The stigma associated with mental health remains a major obstacle to the effective diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

It can prevent employees from talking to colleagues or managers about their problems because they fear discrimination; it may even prevent them from acknowledging to themselves that they have a problem.  

CARE creates a climate where people feel confident to talk openly about the issues they are experiencing and trust their employer to do the right thing. By tackling the issue of mental health in the workplace from the starting point, we hope that it will address the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental ill health.

The programme supports all employees to become aware of what well-being is, what the benefits are, and how they can achieve it. They will be better equipped to look after themselves and be more sensitive to the needs of others.

The company’s attitude and approach to supporting its employees can have a significant impact on their attendance, behaviour and performance.

It is well documented that employees tend to foster closer relations with their peer group rather than with their manager. Friendships such as this lead to greater disclosure regarding personal matters, and through targeted training

CARE for Everyone can support all employees by helping them understand how to respond and provide real value. Designed to complement the CARE training,

CARE for Everyone ensures all employees feel involved and connected to CARE and can support each other should the need arise.

The training content will include:

  • Common signs & symptoms related to poor mental health
  • Recognising distress and how to respond, including the promotion of the Employee Assistance Programme
  • Self-care: looking after our own mental health & wellbeing.
  • Exploring work-life and home-life factors, current coping mechanisms: effectiveness and other options
  • Peer to peer support: encouraging a climate of mutual support.

Complimentary to the training, CARE works with the company’s HR department and any Employee Assistance Programme / Occupational Health, to amend any existing ‘return to work’ process, turning existing policy into a compassionate, constructive conversation which ensures that staff feel supported.

CARE for Everyone can be delivered here at Southampton Airport or at your own workplace. Each session requires a minimum of 8 people to attend with a maximum of 16.

CARE for Everyone is delivered by Lee Loveless of Supporting Minds Consultancy

For a quote please email or call Peter Hart on 02380627205