Fire Fighting and Fire Safety

Low Cat Aerodrome Fire Fighting

Low Cat Aerodrome Fire Fighting

EchoFour Training Centre and Southampton Airport Fire Service is home to a duel fuelled aircraft training simulator, based on an A319 design. The simulator contains all fire scenarios that are required under CAA guidance for all aviation firefighters to maintain their competence.

Due to the training simulator having duel fuel, both gas and kerosene, we are able to provide the most realistic training to enhance firefighters experience and increase their skills. Our fire groundĀ also allows for the users to utilise their own airfield vehicles to train in their procedures and techniques in dealing with incidents.

Learning Outcomes:

Maintenance of skills and competence using the below scenarios and skills:

  1. Engine fires
  2. Undercarriage fires
  3. Running fuel fires
  4. Spill Fires
  5. Duel Application
  6. Vehicle Positioning
  7. Deployment of equipment
  8. Hose and branch management
  9. Use of foam (Restrictions Apply)
  10. Breathing Apparatus training session (If Required)